User coordination of soft fork activation
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Martin Habovštiak via bitcoin-dev
2017-06-17 05:37:46 UTC
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I'd appreciate if anyone would like to review my proposal on improving
UASFs, here's the link:


This document proposes a novel way to improve coordination of users who
wish to activate a new soft fork in Bitcoin. The main idea is to use smart
contracts to incentivize users to actually enforce the soft fork with lower
risk of support being too low. At the same time the contract is in effect
only if significant part of economy agrees to it. The contract also signals
the intent to miners and other users in a way that would be otherwise
expensive for sybil attackers. This proposal also suggests an interesting
way to pay developers for the development of the soft fork code.

FYI the document is timestamped in
transaction 05d5eabcf77964a1e5a704175ef2e54f1fe243ed7aad0a80ede47845173bd2e5
in block 0000000000000000002f4b63ee720958da187405bb807466177be8da2c6ad3b6.

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