Ivy: a higher-level language targeting Bitcoin Script
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Daniel Robinson via bitcoin-dev
2017-12-18 20:32:17 UTC
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Today, we’re releasing Ivy, a prototype higher-level language and
development environment for creating custom Bitcoin Script programs. You
can see the full announcement here
or check out the docs <https://docs.ivy-lang.org/bitcoin/> and source code

Ivy is a simple smart contract language that can compile to Bitcoin Script.
It aims to improve on the useability of Bitcoin Script by adding
affordances like named variables and clauses, static (and domain-specific)
types, and familiar syntax for function calls.

To try out Ivy, you can use the Ivy Playground for Bitcoin
<https://ivy-lang.org/bitcoin/>, which allows you to create and test
simulated contracts in a sandboxed environment.

This is prototype software intended for educational and research purposes
only. Please don't try to use Ivy to control real or testnet Bitcoins.