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Bryan Bishop via bitcoin-dev
2017-07-13 01:38:24 UTC
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Date: Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 6:27 PM
Subject: [Lightning-dev] Lightning Developers Biweekly Meeting Announce
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Hi all!

Every two weeks we've been running an informal Google Hangout
for implementers of the Lightning spec; as the spec is starting to
freeze, we've decided to formalize it a bit which means opening access
to a wider audience.

The call is at 20:00 UTC every two weeks on Monday: next call is
on the 24th July. We'll be using #lightning-dev on freenode's IRC
servers to communicate as well: if you're working on the Lightning
protocol and want to attend, please send me a ping and I'll add you to
the invite.

I'll produce an agenda (basically a list of outstanding PRs on
github) and minutes each week: I'll post the latter to the ML here.
The last one can be found:


The routine with the spec itself is that from now on all
non-spelling/typo changes will require a vote with no objections from
call participants, or any devs unable to make it can veto or defer by
emailing me in writing before the meeting.

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