Reference implementation (wip) of bip-genvbvoting (generalized version bits)
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Sancho Panza via bitcoin-dev
2017-04-20 20:56:45 UTC
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Dear all,

An initial reference implementation of bip-genvbvoting (spec: [1]) is now available at


starting at commit fdd83383436ee43b072c258d4a6feb713902c77e .

This development is based against the Bitcoin Unlimited 'dev' branch, and has been submitted as PR458 to BU [2].
The naming of the new 'bipgenvb_forks' output section in the 'getblockchain' RPC interface is to be considered temporary while the BIP has no formal number.

I would be happy to get any feedback while I implement a corresponding pull request for a reference implementation on Bitcoin Core. Due to other commitments this may come at a later stage - if someone else is eager to port it over, please feel free.


[1] https://github.com/sanch0panza/bips/blob/bip-genvbvoting/bip-genvbvoting.mediawiki
[2] https://github.com/BitcoinUnlimited/BitcoinUnlimited/pull/458

P.S. The revised "unknown version check" code is considered an implementation specific and not part of core functionality, and is consequently not fully covered by regression tests.