SegWit activation proposal with 2MB Hard Fork by next Block Halving on 2020
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Upal Chakraborty via bitcoin-dev
2017-06-05 20:30:23 UTC
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*Proposal*: Verify whether 50% Tx mined from SegWit activation block to
block 630000 are SegWit Tx. If yes, increase legacy max block size to 2MB
and SegWit max block size to 8MB.

*Implementation*: This proposal either needs to be implemented in next
release of Bitcoin Core or require SegWit activation period restart while
it is implemented & released.

*Rationale*: This proposal minimizes the chance of a chain split, while
sticking to the original bitcoin scaling roadmap, i.e.

Thanks & Regards,
Upal Chakraborty