Electrum 3.0 release
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Thomas Voegtlin via bitcoin-dev
2017-11-02 09:56:15 UTC
Electrum 3.0 was tagged and released yesterday night.

Release notes:

# Release 3.0 - Uncanny Valley (November 1st, 2017)

* The project was migrated to Python3 and Qt5. Python2 is no longer
supported. If you cloned the source repository, you will need to
run "python3 setup.py install" in order to install the new

* Segwit support:

- Native segwit scripts are supported using a new type of
seed. The version number for segwit seeds is 0x100. The install
wizard will not create segwit seeds by default; users must
opt-in with the segwit option.

- Native segwit scripts are represented using bech32 addresses,
following BIP173. Please note that BIP173 is still in draft
status, and that other wallets/websites may not support
it. Thus, you should keep a non-segwit wallet in order to be
able to receive bitcoins during the transition period. If BIP173
ends up being rejected or substantially modified, your wallet
may have to be restored from seed. This will not affect funds
sent to bech32 addresses, and it will not affect the capacity of
Electrum to spend these funds.

- Segwit scripts embedded in p2sh are supported with hardware
wallets or bip39 seeds. To create a segwit-in-p2sh wallet,
trezor/ledger users will need to enter a BIP49 derivation path.

- The BIP32 master keys of segwit wallets are serialized using new
version numbers. The new version numbers encode the script type,
and they result in the following prefixes:

* xpub/xprv : p2pkh or p2sh
* ypub/yprv : p2wpkh-in-p2sh
* Ypub/Yprv : p2wsh-in-p2sh
* zpub/zprv : p2wpkh
* Zpub/Zprv : p2wsh

These values are identical for mainnet and testnet; tpub/tprv
prefixes are no longer used in testnet wallets.

- The Wallet Import Format (WIF) is similarly extended for segwit
scripts. After a base58-encoded key is decoded to binary, its
first byte encodes the script type:

* 128 + 0: p2pkh
* 128 + 1: p2wpkh
* 128 + 2: p2wpkh-in-p2sh
* 128 + 5: p2sh
* 128 + 6: p2wsh
* 128 + 7: p2wsh-in-p2sh

The distinction between p2sh and p2pkh in private key means that
it is not possible to import a p2sh private key and associate it
to a p2pkh address.

* A new version of the Electrum protocol is required by the client
(version 1.1). Servers using older versions of the protocol will
not be displayed in the GUI.

* By default, transactions are time-locked to the height of the
current block. Other values of locktime may be passed using the
command line.
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